Monday, March 9, 2009

Differences between Online Reading comprehension and Traditional Reading

Online Reading Comprehension
  • The terms of online reading are hypertext, hyperlink and hypermedia. Hypertext is enabling to reader to explore interesting links to other web pages linked to specific words or images within the pages. Hyperlink is a reference, link, or navigation element in a document to another places. Hypermedia is a hypertext system to supports the linking of graphics, audio and video elements, and text. These three of terms of online reading is embedded resources. It is to improve student's comprehension and promoting in-depth learning for different type of learners.
  • Online reading comprehension is a nonlinear text. In online reading, there are multi-media text such as icons, animated symbols, photographs, cartoons, advertisements, audio and video clips, virtual reality environments and others.

Traditional Reading Comprehension
  • In traditional reading comprehension, linear text is the material that are used. It is to reading in books, magazines, newspapers and other printed material. The contentis displayed in a straight line of paragraphs and pages from beginning to end.

Friday, February 6, 2009

BOUT ME...........

>MoHd AfIFi BiN hUsAIn

> FinN, ChEsTEr, aFiFiey, AfiF

> 24 AuGUsT 1988 ( VirGO)

>KuALa KrAi, KelaNTaN

>tHe NatiOnaL UniVErsiTy Of MaLAySiA

>LiteRatUrE In EnGLisH


>window shoping >shoping >bowling

>listening 2 mp4 >games >'makan-makan'

>friends >tennis >chess

>traveling >island >car


> R&B >soul >ballads >dance >disco

>shufflez >pop .jazz >world contemporary

>mariah carey >maksim >maroon 5 >beyonce

>pussycat dolls >jennifer hudson >christina aguilera

>pink >linkin park >il divo >jennifer lopez


>enough >jumper >narnia >lord of the rings

>X-men >titanic >10,000 b.c.